Researchers Writing Online for UNU

Communications, Website     2014•09•03     brendan

There was a very interesting article in the Washington Post in May 2014 arguing that “the solutions to all our problems may be buried in PDFs that nobody reads.” Citing research from the World Bank, the article indicated that a large number of research projects disseminate their findings as PDFs, but that unfortunately few of [...]

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Extending the Reach of Online PDFs

Content Creation, Publications Repository     2014•08•31     sean

I would like to explain why PDF files on their own tend to reach a much smaller web audience. One cannot assume that just publishing content on the Internet will result in your target audience finding it. In fact, without careful consideration of how that content is written, what form it is in, how it [...]

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First Global Communications Meeting

Communications     2014•05•17     brendan

It has been a long time coming, but we held the UNU’s First Global Communications Meeting on 15-16 May 2014 at the UNU’s institute in Maastricht (UNU-MERIT), Netherlands. The meeting was very effectively hosted by Howard Hudson (communication coordinator at UNU-MERIT) with support from Sueli Brodin. Just over 20 communications focal points participated from across [...]

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Science Communication Course

Capacity Development, Communications     2014•04•28     brendan

The new science communication course provides an excellent opportunity for my colleagues in the UNU Office of Communication to share their extensive experience in effectively communicating complex scientific issues. The course began on 28 April and runs for 15 classes, ending on 20 June. Nine students from the UNU Masters in Sustainability and one from [...]

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Re-Launch of the Japanese Version of Our World

Communications, Content Creation, Website     2014•03•27     brendan

We successfully re-launched the Japanese version of Our World on 4 March after months of hard work behind the scenes. We particularly have to thank David Jimenez, Asako Hanayama and Aska Maki for the tremendous effort they made re-formatting all the articles (over 700!). Also, the update would not have been possible without the programming [...]

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Things We Have Learned Building an Institutional Repository

Publications Repository     2014•02•13     conor

As mentioned in last month’s post we recently “soft” launched our new Institutional Repository ( We are officially launching the site this week and we feel it’s a good time to share some of the lessons we have learned on this project. When we tell most people about the repository they generally imagine a database [...]

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What Makes a Successful Think Tank?

Communications     2014•01•29     brendan

Since Rector David Malone took up the leadership at the United Nations University, I have the impression that everyone is reflecting upon the question of “What makes a successful think tank?” It is nearly forty years since the UNU was launched as a think tank for the United Nations and its agencies. Well, actually our [...]

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UNU Visual Identity Guide Launched

Content Creation, Website     2014•01•23     curtis

The Office of Communications is excited to announce the launch of the UNU Visual Identity Guide website, an always-available resource to assist UNU staff and partnering organizations in developing engaging communications collateral.

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Soft Launch for the UNU Publications Repository

Publications Repository     2013•12•22     brendan

So we launched Collections@UNU this month. It was a soft launch, which means we did not have a fanfare and did not send around an email announcing it to all staff at the UNU. Instead, we wanted to get the site operational and test it. The good news is that it seems to be holding [...]

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Making your website findable

Content Creation     2013•11•22     sean

Matt Cutts from Google does a rather in-depth but insightful talk on how search engine optimisation works and how you can adjust your content so that others may find it more easily.

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